Book Review | Love Letters by Katie Fforde

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With the bookshop where she works about to close, hopeless romantic Laura Horsley, in a moment of uncharacteristic recklessness, finds herself agreeing to help organise a literary festival deep in the heart of the English countryside. But her initial excitement is rapidly followed by a mounting sense of panic when reality sinks in and she realises just how much work is involved - especially when an innocent mistake leads the festival committee to mistakenly believe that Laura is a personal friend of the author at the top of their wish-list. Laura might have been secretly infatuated with the infamous Dermot Flynn ever since she studied him at university, but travelling to Ireland to persuade the notorious recluse to come out of hiding is another matter. 

Determined to rise to the challenge she sets off to meet her literary hero. But all too soon she's confronted with more than she bargained for - Dermot. The man is maddening, temperamental and up to his ear…

Book Haul No. 24

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I hope you are enjoying the sun as much as I have been. Work has been very busy and I have accumulated a lot of books...again.

I was meant to do a Kindle purchase book haul at the beginning of June but I forgot to do it, sorry.

It's a mix of books that I got last month. I wanted to get back into Cameron Jace for a while I am glad that I got the rest of The Grimm Diaries series, including the prequels which I stupidly forgot to include and I also wanted the fifth book in the Mad in Wonderland series.

I enjoyed reading One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid and I wanted to pick up her other books but I didn't want to go through the whole purchase of getting the books in paperbacks so I chose to get it on Kindle.

I had wanted to pick up The Jane Austen Club and The Witches of Eastwick for quite some time and I couldn't get John Updike's book in physical form so I got it on Kindle. As for Hunted by Meagan Spooner, I have heard good things about th…

Romance Novels I Have Been Reading Recently

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So...romance novels. What do you think about them?

Honestly, for me, it is something quick to read but also enjoying a fictional strong macho man to spend your time with.

Last year I did a blog post about my guilty pleasure for romance novels and why I chose not to give a critic review of it. But I have deleted it because A. it did not make sense (I didn't have Grammarly with me at the time, so I was appalled at what I had written) and B. It was short and not enough content to explain why I chose not to review romance.

I don't know why but since I have started my blog and reviewing books on Goodreads, I never gave an opinion about the books that I have read before because I had never done it before and even though I have been blogging for about 3 years now, I am still learning every single day. And I could never give a critic opinion on Romance books, to me they are books that you wish a relationship could be like. I am perfectly ok to give a rating …

Book Review | The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

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The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

1464, Cousin is at war with cousin. as the house of York and Lancaster tear themselves apart...

...And Elizabeth Woodville, a young Lancastrian widow, armed only with her beauty and her steely determination, seduces and marries the charismatic warrior king, Edward Ⅳ of York.

Crowned Queen of England, surrounded by conflict, betrayal and murder, Elizabeth rises to the demands of her position, fighting tenaciously for her family's survival. Most of all she must defend her two sons, who become the central figures in a history that has confounded historians for centuries: the missing Princes in the Tower.

Set amid the tumult and intrigue of the Wars of the Roses, this is the first of a stunning new series, in which internationally bestselling author Philippa Gregory brings this extraordinary drama to vivid life through the women - beginning with Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen. 

Published: 2009
Published Edition: April 2010
Publishers: Po…

Book Review | The Apartment by Danielle Steele

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The Apartment by Danielle Steele

They come together by chance in the heart of New York City, four young women at turning points in their lives. Claire finds the spacious loft apartment. But the aspiring shoe designer needs at least one roommate to manage the rent. She meets Abby, a writer trying to make it on her own, far from her successful family in L.A. Then Morgan joins them. She’s ambitious, with a serious finance job on Wall Street. Finally Sasha, a medical student. And so the sprawling space, with its exposed brick and rich natural light, becomes a home to friends about to embark on new exhilarating adventures.

Their shared life in the apartment turns them into a family of beloved friends. But as unexpected opportunities and challenges alter the course of each of their lives, they face the bittersweet reality that in time, they will inevitably move away from the place where their dreams began . . .

Published: May 2016
Published Edition: January 2017
Publishers: Corgi

Life Update, Sorry that I have been absent

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How are you?

I'm good, finally happy to have time off from work. I have been taking extra shifts at work last week and whenever I got home I was always tired and distracted to even do a blog post or even read much. I know that there are two weeks left until the end of the month and I highly doubt I will complete another book this month.

Currently Reading
I am currently reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. A couple of months ago I saw the trailer for The White Princess TV show and I found out about the first season The White Queen. I downloaded it on iTunes and I've watched the entire season, including The White Princess. So I decided to purchase the book and start reading it. I am about halfway through the book and I am reading it quite slowly, not intentional but I am reading a couple of chapters a day.

If you have been following my previous life updates, I recently have gotten myself a new job. Comparing to my previous job and my current job is that…

Book Review | Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

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Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Sisters Gillian and Sally Owens were brought up by their two elderly guardian aunts in a world of spells and exotica. As the magical charm of their childhood wears away, they escape from this mystical mayhem - one by running away, the other by marrying.

Many years go by before strange circumstances thrust them together again, and once more they are in a place that blends the mundane and mysterious, the familiar and fantastic. Three generations of Owens women are brought together in an experience of unexpected insight and revelation, teaching all of them that such perceptions are rare and wonderful and - to be sure - practical.

Published: 1995
Published Edition: April 2002
Publishers: Vintage
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Romance

Form of Reading: Paperback

Pages: 279

Goodreads Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I have been a huge fan of the movie for years and I had no idea that it was based off a book. When I finally got the book in my hands, I s…