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My Year in Reading and the end of CozyThai.

Hey Everyone,

How are you? I thought that this is going to be my final blog post for good, I am honestly feeling the festive mood and also I just want a couple of days to prepare for the new year and also my new goals for 2018.

Honestly, this year hasn't been great in terms of reading and in life. I left a job that has been my security blanket for 3 and a half years and a job in an environment where a lot of chaos happened. But at the end of Summer, I decided to leave that job and find something where I didn't have to take a long journey to get to and somewhere closer to town.

I currently work in a Post Office in my hometown and I am really enjoying it. I may have been there for three months (at the end of this year) and it seems that my boss has put a lot of trust in me to offer a sort of managing role. While there are a few things that I still need to get know a lot more, I am still unsure that I should be pushed into this role as I have only just joined three months ago.


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