Review Policy

Review Policy


If you are an author or publisher in need of an honest review of an upcoming book before or after the published date. I will give an honest review if I could or could not finish the book. I will give an honest opinion to interest the other readers if the book doesn't interest me. 

I will present my reviews on my Goodreads account, my blog or on any of my social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr). 

I will accept both physical paperback books or books via my Kindle. 

I will review:

I will be able to accept Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller, Historical Fiction, Classics, Translated Fiction, Poetry

I will not review Science Fiction or Horror.

I will be using the Goodreads Star Rating.

       5 Stars:LOVED IT
       4 Stars:Really enjoyed it
       3 Stars:Liked it
       2 Stars:It was ok
       1 Stars:Did not enjoy it

If you wish to have a book reviewed by me, you can contact me through:

Twitter: StephanieNBurto
Instagram: Stephanienburton


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